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Murtagh Returns! Outlander, Season 4, Episode 5 – Savages

A beloved TV show character, Murtagh, Jamie’s Godfather returns to Outlander Season 4 in Episode 5. While this is a huge departure of the book, where Murtagh died at Culloden, TV show Murtagh lives! And most fans are very happy about the change.

Post Culloden Murtagh was imprisoned at Ardsmuir where Jamie was also later imprisoned (after his stint in living in a cave near Lallybroch).  After Ardsmuir closed, Murtagh (along with the other prisoners) was sent to the Colonies to serve a period of indenture (basically as slave labour). However, Jamie avoided this fate, being sent to serve his sentence at Helwater. Thus Jamie and Murtagh lost contact with each other, until fate has now intervened to reunite them. Murtagh is the one person Jamie knows he can always trust, and of course he is also the person who knows Claire’s secret, divulged to him by Jamie in Season 2.  As I once said before, to me Murtagh represents us, we want to protect Jamie just as Murtagh does.

Murtagh has bitterness at the treatment of his beloved Scotland, his fellow Highlanders and the hardship he has suffered for many years. Now that he is free he is on a quest for justice, fighting for what is right. He is a Regulator, therefore at odds with Jamie over Tryon’s tax collectors, due to the undertaking Jamie was required to make to Tryon in return for being given his 10,000 acres. This is a path not reflected in the book, so it will be interesting to see how it affects both of these loyal Highlanders in future episodes.

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Don’t we love the patch of tartan Murtagh, saved from his time at Ardsmuir, pinned over his heart! Not to mention Murtagh brings us our first glimpse of a kilt this season.

Murtagh has trained as a blacksmith… all kinds of smithing in fact, so he has the abilities Jamie was seeking in Woolam’s Creek, to transform part of a silver candlestick into a special gift for Claire.



Welcome back Murtagh! We love you! #AlwaysHaveAMurtagh

Outlander – Meet Tskili Yona

Outlander continues to bring us surprises, however, they keep to the essence of the story.  An example, is the twist which saved the production from having one of the stars of the show, Sam Heughan, from needing to fight a real bear! Whereas in the book, “Drums Of Autumn”, Jamie kills a bear, earning the name bear killer from the Native Americans, TV show Jamie is set upon by a deranged member of the Cherokee who has taken on the persona of a bear. John Quincy Myers has been attacked as has a horse, and Jamie acts to protect his friends and family. The Cherokee have banished the man, Tskili Yona, he is invisible to them, hence they are unable to defend themselves against his instrusions into their village. In both instances Jamie’s act of killing the bear (man) earns him great respect from them, and the moniker of bear killer, Yona Dihi.

Canadian First Nations actor, Flint Eagle, was fierce as Tskili Yona!


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